It's funny, isn't it? We have an 18-hole course – race-rated, designed by world champions in mini golf and neat literary theme.

A round can take anywhere between 30min-1.5h depending on how much people are on the track and how many nails you beat but expect about 1h.

No, just come by and play when you feel like it or hang out in our lounge and have a berry or a pizza! If you are a larger company, it may be good to pre-book a combo. Call or email us for more info 😊

Do you keep a stone track of mini golf and feel that you can handle everything yourself – great! Then it costs 120kr per person. If you want to enhance the experience or just strengthen your team feeling and get help from a pro that helps you with rules, team division, tips and tricks and who also runs an award ceremony at the end, it costs 250kr per person. This automatically applies to groups of 20 people or more.

Of course, the second round is half the price.

Absolutely, we have a super tasty menu of food for everyone! Come by and find your favorite!

Then you check the "COMBOS" tab where we have put together a bunch of lovely packages to make it easier for you.

Yes of course! Mail boka@golfbarenaspudden.se and we'll talk to you. We are not impossible and can solve most things!

In order not to stand with 40 prepared dishes that we have to throw away, which is bad for both the environment and wallet, you can cancel food no later than 4 days before your visit. Mini golf with game host is cancelled no later than 48h before. If you booked mini golf on your own, call or email us a few days before with your cancellation.

We always try to stay open so that as many people as possible can have fun on the track, but if it pours down, we can close again for a while. If you've booked, please call us so we know you don't show up. Have you booked an entire event? Then we'll find a new day that suits everyone.

Both for you and our safety, we have chosen to be completely contactless, so do not break the piggy bank unnecessarily before you arrive. We'll take VISA, Mastercard and American Express.

Yes it can go well but note that we have an invoice limit of at least 10000KR and 10 days of payment terms. We must also have your invoice details before the visit.

All mini golf accessories such as stick, ball and scorecards are in place so you don't have to lug with iron seven this time.

Yes, but of course! Outdoors we have courses in Kristineberg and Aspudden. Indoors we are home on Surbrunnsgatan in Vasastan in our 30's gem with mini golf, food and cocktails